Powering the Future

Flying Submarine

Having organised a panel on petrocultures as part of Birkbeck's Arts Week last year, "Environmental Futures: Oil, Ecology, Petrocultures," I'm delighted to be working with Dr Graeme Macdonald (University of Warwick) in co-editing a special issue of the Open Library of Humanities megajournal.

Our issue is titled "Powering the Future: Energy Resources in Science Fiction and Fantasy" and will examine texts that offer different visions beyond oil-driven (petro-)modernity. This topic speaks to the importance of, and turning critical attention towards, energy humanities scholarship that examines how energy resources are depicted in literature – from steam-powered Romanticism, to oil-driven Modernism, and through to solar-powered utopian and space opera futures.

For more information, you can read the call for articles here: 



Featured image by James Vaughan under a CC BY-NC-SA license.